Week 01: Introduction and Class Overview


This first class lecture will cover Professor Danne Woo’s experience designing and programming interactive websites and apps. Woo has worked in the industry for the more than a decade and received his Master’s Degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at New York University (NYU) where he combined his passion for design, data, programming and new technologies.

We will then cover the course syllabus and review the requirements for the entire semester and discuss the importance of the four Ds: Discover, Define, Design and Develop.

  1. Order the textbook.
  2. Setup a blog for this class.
  3. Sign up for Slack using the join link shared in Zoom.
  4. Create a blog post sharing your favorite website and why.
  5. Add the link to your blog post to the Slack class channel.
  6. Watch the video of the Week 2 lecture and come with questions to our Slack class next week.

Lecture Slides PDF